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Owning a mobile in this time and age is a necessity. Gone are the days when mobile phones were looked upon as a luxury of sorts, a privilege for a few chosen individuals. The technological advancements have greatly changed the telecommunications industry and with it numerous handsets have been manufactured to feed the ever great appetite for phones. Smart phones have now become a way of life and a means through which people stay connected and do virtually everything over the internet.

Considering that mobile phones are instrumental in every sphere of our lives, Sphere Phones continue to be your reliable partner in so far as mobile phone contracts are concerned all over the UK. We are committed to creating and enabling environment through which people with bad credit can get approved for mobile phone contracts and get to enjoy the same benefits as people with a healthy history.

Who are we?

Dedicated to creating a great user experience to our legion of customers across the UK, we are constantly reinventing ourselves to ensure that we avail to our customers the best bad credit mobile phones. As a leading bad credit mobile phones provider, we believe that our customers should have nothing short of the best regardless of the status of their credit score. It’s for this reason that we started this website and have been able to help thousands of people with bad credit to get approved and enjoy amazing mobile phone deals wherever they are.

We believe in delivering nothing short of the best deals and ensure that our customers enjoy the benefits that others do their credit score notwithstanding. From the time we started operations, we have curved a niche for ourselves as one of the best bad credit mobile phone providers and in so doing been able to help thousands of people across the UK.

What we do

At sphere phones, we are all about helping people with bad credit get approved for mobile phone contracts. We understand that your credit score should not be a reason as to why you shouldn’t get a good bad credit mobile phone deals. In this regard, we are always committed to ensuring that people with bad credit not only get approved but also enjoy the benefits that people with a perfect credit score enjoy. In an attempt to offer the best services, we’ve enlisted the services of highly qualified personnel to ensure that our customers get the best professional treatment and advice when they come calling.

Our commitment to providing our customers with the best deals has not wavered and this explains why we have partnered with the best players in the industry such as Money Supermarket to ensure that you make comparisons and choose the best deals for you. At Sphere Phones, we are the ultimate PhonesWorld and you can rest assured that you will find amazing mobile phone contract deals on any kind of device you want irrespective of whether you have bad credit or not.


At Sphere Phones, we are committed to providing our customers with nothing short of the best services and deals. Our commitment is to our customers first and we are always doing everything in our power to ensure that our customers get amazing deals on bad credit mobile phones. We have a variety of handsets and you are free to choose a mobile phone of your choice and enjoy amazing deals without having to worry about the status of your credit score. We continue to stand tall and are a respected provider in the UK for people with bad credit. You simply need to visit us today and get yourself an amazing deal your credit score status notwithstanding.

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